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This Youtube channel has captured the most bizarre moments from Boiler Room

From the bonkers to the truly bizarre...

Part of the allure of Boiler Room is, of course, the spellbinding sets from the some of the world's most prestigious selectors and producers — but there's also the weird and wonderful people who go to the Boiler Room who also add to the magic.

Youtube channel 'People Of Boiler Room' has scoured hundreds of hours of Boiler Room sets to bring you some of the most bizzarre and bonkers moments that have been caught on camera since the Boiler Room began seven years ago.

Over the years there have countless instances of people doing some truly weird things — from acting like they're possessed to comedy dancing routines — on camera during Boiler Room live streams and 'People Of Boiler Room' have rounded-up some of the most entertaining.

Check out the highlights below.