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Zedd on artists who don't call out Trump: "They don’t want to lose fans"

German producer speaks out to Billboard Magazine...

Zedd had some harsh words for musicians who don't stand up against Donald Trump in a recent interview with Billboard Magazine.

“They don’t want to lose fans. I understand where they are coming from, but I disagree with that being a good reason not to speak up," said the producer when he tried to persuade his peers to join him for a benefit concert in the wake of Trump's failed travel ban earlier this year.

The producer felt he needed to act because of his own status in the US where he's only allowed to stay temporarily due to his visa.

“No matter how big the scandal is, no matter how insane a [Trump] tweet is, it just keeps going. You feel powerless, and that’s terrible to me."

By not challenging Trump's constant rhetoric, the German producer reckons America is slowly heading on a similar path as other totalitarian countries like North Korea.

"Take that to a bigger scale and you end up in North Korea, where people are slaves of their own country".

Read the entire interview with Zedd here.