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Zedd calls on artists to join him in a show rallying against Trump’s anti-immigration ban

He wants to raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)…

Zedd has called on numerous artists to join him in a show rallying against President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration ban, which closes US borders to refugees and immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries.

The order, which blocks entry to the US for citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Libya for 90 days as well as suspending admission to Syrian refugees, was met by wide condemnation, including that from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who filed a lawsuit against Trump. That lead to a federal judge ordering a stay on the President’s order.

Subsequently, Zedd posted on Twitter over the weekend, calling on artists including Sia, Grimes, Macklemore and Camila Cabello to join him in putting on a show in support of the ACLU. You can see the tweet below.

He followed the statement up by saying, “It's worth mentioning that I'm actually an immigrant myself. Born in Russia, grew up in Germany, currently in America on a VISA,” before adding about the ACLU benefit show, “I WILL make it happen.”

More news to follow as it comes in.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.