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Zurich Street Parade: Man detained over fake bombs

A man was arrested in the Swiss city on Saturday

A 31-year-old German man was arrested in connection with planting fake bombs at Zurich's Street Parade.

A large police operation was put into place at the Zurich Street Parade on Saturday the 10th August after a suspicious orange rucksack was found at Utoquai.

A bomb disposal robot was deployed to examine the bag, which contained “what looked like a fully-functioning pipe bomb”, the investigators told Swiss media.

The contents were taken to the Forensic Institute Zurich on Sunday for analysis, and the Zurich Cantonal police detained a 31-year-old German man who was identified as the owner of the rucksack.  

A 35-year-old man was originally arrested in connection with the fake explosives, but later released.

Zurich Cantonal police shared in a statement that they are still investigating why the fake bombs were planted.