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Breaks Banter: Paul Arnold caught up with breakbeat DJ Paul 'Trouble' Arnold to discuss the future of breaks, ketomine, and minimal.

Loveparade Cancelled

San Francisco's Loveparade has been cancelled. Is this the end of dance politics in the US? spoke to its organisers to find out.

Tidy/DJmag Hunt For Talent

The first stage in the hunt for Britain's best undiscovered hard dance DJ talent is over. Now it's time for the heats.

Fort Dance 2006

Russia's nuttiest dance event returns this year - a rave with topless dancers in the dungeons of an offshore, 19th century fort anyone?

Sander Kleinenberg chatted to Dutch DJ Sander Kleinenberg about his new project, and the future of DJing.

DJ Diary: Misstress Barbara

Canadian techno spinner Misstress Barbara is one of the scene's biggest DJs. We asked her to track her bank holiday weekend's movements for

Gotta Be Big:Graeme Sinden

Graeme Sinden is this month's pick for deck stardom. He's pals with the Basement Jaxx! Check out his exclusive mix for DJmag here, and for an interview.

Al-Qaeda's MOS Bomb Plot

An alleged terrorist cell with links to al-Qaeda discussed blowing up London's Ministry Of Sound a court has heard.

Sasha Makes History

Sasha will make history by being the first DJ to offer recordings of his club sets immediately after he's stopped spinning.

DJ Interview: Superpumas

Just who are the Superpumas? They make groovy electronic house, but after this interview is still a bit confused...

Loveparade Returns!

The world's biggest electronic music celebration returns in 2006 - the Berlin Loveparade will see over a million clubbers dance on the streets of the German capital.

Psy-trance Expands

The psy-trance phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down: caught up with the organiser of the massive Sonica festival in Italy.

Madonna's DJ 'Friends'

Mega pop star Madonna has enlisted the studio talents of Danny Howells, Tiefschwarz, and James Holden to remix her next single.

HIV Campaign At Festivals

Dance fans and clubbers at festivals this summer will be urged to join a campaign to help the fight against Aids/HIV.

Fatboy Needs You!

Fatboy Slim has launched a competition on his to coincide with his Greatest Hits album.

Arnie Is A Raver! has found some video footage that proves Arnold Schwarzenegger loves a good rave when he's not making action flicks, or being governor of California.

DJ Diary: Judge Jules

Judge Jules is one of the world's biggest DJs. asked him to track his weekend's movements for us.

US Supports House Music

Chicago's local authorities are supporting the city's first ever house music festival: interviewed the festival's organisers.

Emergency Breaks

Some big name breakbeat and drum & bass DJs will play at a special fund-raising event in London for Oxfam's Kenya Famine Appeal in June.

Infadels Remix Competition

The Infadels are looking for an aspiring producer to remix their upcoming single 'Love Like Semtex'. If you win, your version will be released by the band.

Wal-Mart Seeks Rave Logo

US supermarket giant Wal-Mart are embroiled in a legal dispute over the acid house smiley face image, that they want to trademark.

Neighbourhood Downsizing

West London club Neighbourhood now has a smaller, more intimate space inside the venue called Soundbooth.