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Al-Qaeda Plot: Club Bomb

A group with links to terrorist organisation al-Qaeda planned to bomb a central London club, a court has heard.

A group with links to terrorist network al-Qaeda discussed bombing a large central London nightclub, a court has heard.

The group of four men allegedly plotted to blow up the biggest club in London using homemade bombs from ammonium nitrate fertiliser and aluminium powder, as well as attack gas, water, and electricity supplies.

Luckily, a surveillance and bugging operation by police revealed the group's plans.

David Waters QC, for the prosecution, said: "Jawad Akbar (one of the defendants) referred to attacks upon the utilities, gas, water or electrical supplies.

Central London Nightclub

"Alternatively, a big nightclub in
central London might be a target."

No one can put their hands up and say they are innocent - those slags dancing around

Jawad Akbar, defendant

Mr Akbar allegedly said: "The biggest nightclub in central London, no one can put their hands up and say they are innocent - those slags dancing around."

Later, he was recorded saying: "I think the club thing you could do but the gas would be much harder."

The prosecution suggested plans for attacks were in the final stage when anti-terror police intervened.

It is not the first time that al-Qaeda have been linked to attacks on nightclubs.

In October 2002, an explosives-packed van detonated outside the Sari nightclub on the resort island of Bali, killing 202 people and injuring scores more.

Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack.

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