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The singer, producer & DJ talks Australia's best new talent!

Australian singer, producer and DJ, Alison Wonderland tells us the top producers from down under we should be listening to! Her debut album 'Run' is out tomorrow via Virgin EMI — check out her selections, including Feki, Mickey Kojacka and Tasker, below.
Cliques 'Chro' 
"I have loved every mix and track Cliques have put out. It’s not typically the style of music I gravitate towards, but I always get into their tracks — a great mix of techno, house and even some slight garage in there. Half of Cliques is George from Seekae, another Australian electronic music outfit that I love. Fun fact: George and I once tried to be in a band together. I think we ended up only playing one Rage Against The Machine cover..."
Victoria Kim 
"Victoria hails from my home town, Sydney. Everytime I’ve seen Victoria Kim play, he’s delivered some of the best sets Ive seen in a long time — super eclectic and fun. I am a big fan of the 'Kiko Kicks' EP too!" Listen here.
Mickey Kojack
"Mickey is a house producer from Sydney and I can’t wait for his new stuff because his track 'Feel My Pain' is amazing."

"Naderi, to me, is a real hidden gem in the Australian electronic music scene. He is someone I would love to get in the studio with one day too. A mix between future beats, down tempo melodic trap  — not the ugly festival kind of trap. It’s just so soulful. I wish he would put more music out because everything he touches is just 'ahhhh'"

"I first discovered Tasker ( a young producer from Coffs Harbour) when he sent me an email in 2013 stating that he wanted to play a show with me because he was 'sick of hearing DJs in his town playing 128bpm commercial music' and he made me a mix of songs he liked. I later found out he was 16 and I thought it was a pretty cool thing for a 16-year-old to say. I then went on to check out his original music which blew my mind! He grew up basically only listening to Pink Floyd, which kinda makes sense when you hear the psychedelic and melodic element to his tunes."

"And here’s a remix he made of my track 'Get Ready' — I honestly play it more than the original!"

DJ Chknmn
"He is so mysterious that he doesn’t even have a Soundcloud or Facebook page or any press, but oh my lord, he is a genius. Mysterious guy beats. I only hope that one day you are lucky enough to hear him somewhere."
"Hailing from Perth, she is quickly making a strong statement in the house music scene — big things coming her way!"

"A producer from Brisbane describing his sound as ‘Future Chill' — I’m digging it."

"Very R&B vibes, also from Brisbane, must be something in the water. I love his voice so much."

UV Boi
"UV Boi is another Brisbane boy! Great 808 beats, and an all round great person."