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Checkout the new beat device for Ableton Live

Ableton continue to expand on their ever popular Live software with a new device that syncs Live’s tempo with drums.

Perfect for DJs and Performers who want to expand their live shows using real drummers. BeatSeeker is a new Max for Live device that allows Ableton Live to follow the tempo of a live drummer, allowing for a more natural feel when using the software for your performances.

BeatSeeker works by detecting the BPM of any rhythmic audio signal and matching Live to its tempo. Then DJs/Performers can launch clips and BeatSeeker adapts Live’s tempo to respond to the signal and keep on the beat.

This nifty piece of software - BeatSeeker is designed for use with live drums, but can also be used by DJs to sync Live with turntables, or with any other rhythmic or percussive signal used in performance or production.

BeatSeeker is available now for £17.00

Checkout BeatSeeker in action below: