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Mo' Fire

M-Audio Releases Profire 2626 Firewire Interface

M-Audio continue their run of rack mount audio interfaces, this time it's the turn of the Profire 2626. A the name suggests, its uses the firewire connection and can utilize up to 26 simultaneous audio streams, through its collection of analogue and digital inputs and outputs. There's no shortage of pre-amps with eight of their 'Octane' mic pre's on-board.

The Profire 2626 will be out in February with street prices a touch under £500. Visit the website at for more info.

* 26 x 26 simultaneous analog/digital I/O
* eight preamps with award-winning Octane technology
* flexible on-board DSP mixer
* up to 24-bit/192kHz for pristine audio
* features critically acclaimed JetPLL jitter elimination technology
* Pro Tools M-Powered compatible