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Puma Glow Rider

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow!

Spring has sprung and we're eagerly watching the days get longer and the nights getting lighter. There's a ripple of excitement in DJ HQ as the sun sets later every day. A healthy obsession with cycling to work and the thought of being able to do it potentially without any lights is pretty darn cool.

Puma are very canny indeed by launching the Glow Rider. Yup folks, it glows in the dark. You'll need to store up some sun rays during the day in order to glow all the way home as it gets dark. If you manage to get a good dosing of sunshine on it, it should carry on glowing for several hours.

Coming in two colours; buttermilk which glows green or orange which glows orange (strangely enough). As part of the range there is a matching courier bag, a wind and water resistant jacket and t-shirt.

The bag features a reflective pattern that lights up when in the headlights.