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Connecting the roots of Detroit techno with minimal…

Nonclassical, the club night started in 2003 by Sergei Prokofiev’s grandson, has lined up an extra special, one-off night at XOYO on November 11th.

Run jointly by them and Paris’ MARATHON!, the event is headlined by the don that is Juan Atkins (who recently stopped by our office for a live stream). The originator of techno will be joined by Klavikon, who creates electronic music in an incredibly unconventional way - via amplified prepared piano.

Abstrukt Ensemble are on the bill too - a percussion collective who perform contemporary and theatre repertoire - who will be performing a new version of Steve Reich’s ‘Six Marimbas’ using live looping and a mallet quartet. While Gabriel Prokofiev and HeptaTonia will also be on the buttons.

“This night will connect the roots of Detroit Techno with its influences including music inspired by electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, and - going further back - the roots of minimal American music created by composers including Terry Riley and Steve Reich”, promises the press release.

Check out Juan spinning by our desks earlier this month:

Head this way for tickets.