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Fair Trade - Luke Solomon

Which tracks would Luke Solomon love to find at the WMC Record Fair?

While digital is no doubt sitting pretty at the helm of the format kingdom, there are some folk out there who will always be vinyl obsessives - happiest when digging through crates or shifting through piles of dusty old records at record fairs, car boot sales and charity shops.

As part of WMC week, the conference organisers are holding a gargantuan record fair chock full of plastic to get collectors drooling. It takes place on Saturday 29th March at The Miami Beach Hotel Resort & Spa, 4833 Collins Ave. Essentially an arena for vinyl junkies, collectors and dealers to meet up and dig, buy, sell and trade until their eager little arms drop off, it's well worth a visit. We asked a selection of DJs what they'd like to find thereā€¦

Luke Solomon

What record would you most like to unearth at a record fair?

"It would probably have to be the coloured vinyl 12" version of 'Emotional Rescue' by the Rolling Stones. Or a vinyl version of 'Q Lazarus' - both for a fiver! Both of them are rare as rocking-horse poop and both hold a special place in my heart."

What records from your own collection would you try to sell?

"It would either be my numbered Kraftwerk anniversary promos or my Japanese box set of every David Bowie album ever made. I know they are both worth shed loads: I would have to be broke, naturally. Otherwise, it's the majority of the crap I get sent that has no place in my home."

What's the best record fair you've been to?

"There was one a few years back off of Gower Street in Central London. I found a couple of pretty rare Prince 12"s that I already owned, which was a bonus. After buying them I got followed around by some Prince freak who then offered me five times the amount I paid for them. I sold them to him, of course."