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Tiga takes his talents to Counter with a hot new release...

Counter Records (a member of the Ninja Tune family) welcomes a godfather of dance music to their corps of talent with Tiga's upcoming 3rd album. The LP's first single, 'Don't Break My Heart', premieres today. Straddling the lines between underground techno and pop, Tiga is ubiquitous — having collaborated with the likes of Depeche Mode, The XX, Moby and most recently, Eats Everything.

Raised on a hippie commune on the spiritual island of Goa and eventually a transplant in the bohemian city of Montreal, it is fitting that Tiga sees the world as love itself, personified:

"I’ve taken the spiritual advice of those closest to me and chosen to remain inside the present, listening and growing until there’s no choice to spring out of the box and share my gift. And that gift is the simplest of questions and answers. What is love? It is what it is, and what it is is it’s everything," he says.

'Don't Break My Heart' captures that vibe with its vocals that plead the words of its title, echoed in various harmonies throughout the track and backed by a simple, rolling tech beat — not unlike the thump of a heart.

On November 21st, Tiga will bring his acclaimed Tiga Live show to KOKO, which marks the first time Tiga has treated London fans to his unique live-act artistry. Tickets can be found here.