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Skrillex tells former mentor that he is “the worst label head ever”.

Skrillex accused Deadmau5 of “bullying” in a series of tweets aimed at his former mentor.

Deadmau5, who was an early supporter of Skrillex, has been critical of the producer’s collaborations with Diplo and Justin Biebier as Jack Ü. 

Skrillex took to Twitter to hit back at Deadmau5 after he recently asked “what the fuck is this shit” of Jack Ü single 'Where are Ü now'. “I’m forever grateful for the mau5’s early support but the reality is sad. He’s shriveling In his own pile of hatful,” Skrillex, who’s real name is Sonny Moore, wrote in a post.

He added: “I dont care bout ur personal career but the fact that u own ur own record label is sad. I feel sorry the artists you’ve signed.” He continued: “youre great at finding talented people but ur leadership skills are atrocious. I’m sure you don’t care tho.”

 Deadmau5 brushed off the accusations, self-mockingly tweeting: