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Bristol boys go global

Two west country mainstays — Dan Pearce AKA Eats Everything and NRK Sound Division’s Nick Harris — are joining forces on a brand new label, named Edible.

Boasting similar backgrounds, as well as tastes (sorry) in music, it made sense for the two to pair up and bring their wealth of experience collectively to the table. The label’s HQ is going to be firmly lodged in Bristol, with the initial releases a string of ten-inch vinyl singles from fledgling producers, backed with artwork designed by British artist Nicolas Dixon.

Eats has said: “Edible is by no means a vehicle for my own music, on the contrary, we want to develop and grow a house music label that can stand the test of time, in much the same way that Nick’s NRK label remained a consistent and respected imprint for many years. I’m also really excited about this label giving me the opportunity to be able to break and develop new underground acts”.

Nick has added: “"Edible will be first and foremostly about the music but we're also heavily focusing on the aesthetic of the label. The music industry continues to change at a pace, and so our aim is to buck the trend a little, and present music that's just as much a little piece of merchandise or a collectable artifact than it is a disposable download file."

The inaugural release is coming from Lord Leopard with the ‘Mark Of Passion / Fantastically Well’ EP, which drops today.

Stream it now: