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Iconic dance act have five new tracks!

The Faithless comeback is in full swing. Along with the reunion tours and remix album they recently put out, the dance act has just revealed that they've been working on new productions.  

Speaking to DJ Mag in a new interview, Sister Bliss spoke of a “forthcoming collaborations album” that will see them working with a number of artists the band reached out to, and she also confirmed that the trio is back in the studio.

Sitting down with DJ Mag writer Angus Thomas Paterson, Bliss said: “Whether this forms the basis of a new Faithless album, we’ll have to see. It’s not totally up to me, but I think it would be such a shame really, as I’m excited about what we’ve been doing in the studio.

“We’re literally just about to master five new tracks. We’ll see what people think about them, and I’ll play them out in my sets to see if people are going to get down to them. Road-testing is still important in this day and age.

“Vibe-wise, they’re all over the place. There’s some clubby stuff in there that I’m very excited about, and some more slightly mellow stuff as well. That’s always been Faithless though; it’s always been music that you can take into lots of different contexts. It can work at 3am after the club, just as well as it does in the club.”

Look out for the full interview in the next issue of DJ Mag. 

Photo: DJ Mag interviews Sister Bliss at EXIT festival — Photo by Kris Cowley