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Islington venue could be forced to close to make way for expansion of tube station

The future of London music venue Electrowerkz has been threatened by Network Rail's plans for Crossrail 2.  

The Islington club could potentially face closure after neighbouring buildings were earmarked for demolition to accommodate for the expansion of Angel tube station. 

Under the proposals, the current site of the Royal Bank of Scotland which adjoins the venue would be converted into a dedicated station entrance for the second Crossline line. The site would be used “for tunnelling works and construction” which Network Rail estimates will take between five to eight years to complete.

The buildings works could result in significant disruption to Electrowerkz and leave open the possibility that the venue might be forced to closed. 

In a Facebook post, a promoter behind Slimelight, a regular EDM, instrustrial and goth night held at the venue, revealed that Crossrail representatives had recently inspected the building.

They wrote: “We had some very nice chaps from Crossrail pop round with brochures, tape measures and clipboards with novel news about bulldozers and proposed new plans for an extra new Angel station just in case you couldnt find the one that was there already.

Adding: “This may involve the complete demolition of all the old buildings in Torrens Street with cracks in, including Slimelight.”

Over the years, Electrowerkz has played host to a number of London club nights including Bang Face, APW, Elements and Hooj Choons, as well as serving as a mid-sized venue for a range of live acts.

Electrowerkz could be the latest in a long line of venues to be affected by Network Rail developments. In 2009, the London Astoria was shuttered to make way for the current Crossrail line despite public opposition. Southwark night club Cable was repossessed by Network Rail in 2013, to make room for redevelopments to the adjacent London Bridge station.

Pubic consultation on the proposals are open until Friday 8th January 2016, you can leave a comment here.

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