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West Midlands police to push for “full revocation”

Gatecrasher could see its license revoked after a second outbreak of violence at the club last month.

The Birmingham club has been closed since 5th November after a stabbing and a alleged violent altercation involving security staff occurred at the venue.

The incident, which occurred on 31st October, involved a man being stabbed in the leg and an alleged confrontation between a door man and an aggressive “man in a glittery top”, reports the Birmingham Mail.

Security staff were accused of using “a fire extinguisher, a plastic tub containing chemicals and a tray of glasses” in a brawl with a group of customers.

It is the second time in three months that Gatecrasher’s license has been suspended. 

The previous closure came after a customer was attacked by a bouncer in August. 

The future of the city’s biggest nightclub will be decided at a council meeting this Wednesday.

In a report, West Midland Police Superintendent Andrew Beard said the force would be pushing for the full revocation of the club’s licence at the hearing.

Following the club's last license suspension, police said the venue was in the "last chance saloon".

"There have been review hearings in the past and this venue already has more conditions on its licence than any other in Birmingham,” said police.