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New music & a live spectacular coming in 2016...

After a 13-year break, Ferry Corsten is set to revive his Gouryella moniker.

According to the legendary trance don, there's a new music and a live show in the works, and it's all scheduled to kick off in early 2016. 

An alias he once shared with trance-turned-EDM producer Tiesto (until 2001), it seems an apt time for Ferry to return to his roots, we sat down with him to find out more...

So Ferry, 13 years since the last Gouryella record and out of nowhere fans were treated to a fresh release, ‘Anahera’, back in June. What sparked you to do that?
"I felt the personal need for trance with big epic melodies. Too much of today’s trance has become borderline EDM. It started missing that turn of the century sentiment. With this in mind, I wanted to take it to the next level, by putting an experience around the music."

Is this what encouraged you to bring Gouryella from the studio to the stage for next year?
“Funnily enough, I was getting asked by many promoters for a Gouryella concept (show) after releasing the single. The response from the fans was so great and the promoters wanted to see if I was interested in giving the name a live show.”

Where will you be going musically with the project and are you able to give any detail on the live show at this time, or is that still under wraps for now?
“The name Gouryella itself is pretty mysterious. It means heaven in Australia's aboriginal language. It will be an experience based around all the biggest questions human kind has...”

Will this new live show involve its own stage production?
“We are currently working on the stage and live production. It will be an experience where the visual aspect will truly complement the music. I don’t really want to spill more about this, but I haven’t been this excited in years!”

And lastly, can fans expect any new Gouryella music?
“After a hectic 2015, I’m finally taking more time off from playing to spend some more time in the studio. Looking forward to showing you all the fruits of my labour.”