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Less Is More

Stylish observations and forward thinking twitterings.

COLOUR OF THE MONTH... Sorry folks but it's turquoise. Not the easiest colour on the chart but quite frankly it's the dip into the summer that is required. Looking fresh baby boys and girls.

GIO GOI... Coming along in leaps and bounds this label that originally started out as a couple of brothers making clothes for their mates has become one of our favourites. Nice threads you guys.

SHORT STORY... If you're ever so clever, you'll have already sorted your summer wardrobe. Pristine items of clothing waiting to be used and abused. Get your shorts double quick, cos it's all about getting your legs out.

BABYSHAM... Were you allowed to drink Babysham when you were little?
It's the retro drink we're delighted to see return, although Ben Murphy was more excited by the thought of Hooch! What a lad.

GO GO GYPSY... It's time to dust down your hoedown, gypsy gear cos Gogo Bordello are coming to town. Catch them and their brazen, debauched, shindig antics at Brixton Academy on 2nd April.

SERGIO TACCHINI... ST show us how to look mighty fine in a zip up jacket; keeping sportswear on a club tip, with some extra lashings of panache and cred.

SKULLS... who would have thought that after, what is it, three years or so, the skull factor still rocks our wardrobe. What seemed like a passing fad has now become a here to stay.