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It was the “gift of the year” in 2015

Vinyl players seemed to be the must-have gift this Christmas, as confirmed by sales reports that reveal HMV sold a turntable a minute in the pre-festive rush.

Ian Topping, chief executive of the retailer, said: “Entertainment products form a major part of the Christmas shopping list. The gift of the year in 2015, though, has to be a turntable as we see a huge resurgence in the sales of vinyl.”

It wasn’t just HMV shifting more units than ever, as Amazon also reported a huge increase in turntable sales, with them being the online store’s biggest selling audio product at Christmas. John Lewis also reported a 240% increase in turntable sales last year.

The spike in player sales has been attributed to the vinyl revival, with Tesco now stocking wax on its shelves, and figures suggest that vinyl sales could have easily reached the two million mark in 2015.

Panasonic recently revealed plans to relaunch and reinvent its iconic Technics turntable series.

Via The Vinyl Factory.