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It's called ARTA

D&B legend Goldie is the creator of a new phone app titled ARTA. 

Three years in the making, ARTA (which stands for Art Rail Transit Authority) will allow users to interact with graffiti artists from around the globe, in an all-new virtual reality world focused on the art form. 

Goldie is set to launch a crowd funding campaign to help sponsor the app, you can donate to the fund by visiting his website from tomorrow. 

2016 will also see Goldie back on tour — he's taking the Heritage Orchestra on his new Timeless UK tour this year, that will see him fuse D&B classics with innovative orchestral arrangements. 

In exchange for pledging to Goldie’s projects, backers will gain access to a variety of rewards including a newsletter, digital images, bonus limited edition merchandise plus early adopter VIP paint packages for the app, plus game bonuses and launch tickets to events.

GOLDIE_ ARTA_2016 from WRB STUDIOS LTD on Vimeo.