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The truth will out

Paul Woolford unveils new projects

Hot on the heels of his sterling new techno record 'The Truth' - out now on 20:20 Vision and awarded album of the issue in DJmag - prolific DJ/producer Paul Woolford has revealed details of the creative genesis of the album, and unveiled several exciting new projects that will reach fruition in 2008.
Enjoying his most creative period in ages, the former Basics resident feels that a new, more direct way of working has had a positive influence on his productions.
"'The Truth' is a title which is great because it relates completely to me being more direct in my music. At the moment I'm more inspired than I've ever been, I'm making about two tracks a week. I'm not making tribute records anymore, not making things that I want Derrick Carter or Derrick May to play, I'm making records completely from the heart, music that's based in human emotion and the human condition," explained Woolford.

As a result, he's enjoying a flurry of activity with several new EPs due to surface shortly on his Intimacy stable.
"There are three EPs slated for release this year that I've done myself. The first one is out now called 'Black Orchid' - that's a four-tracker. The other two are gonna come out in May and June."

His new work has also caught the ear of a newly resurrected R&S Records, who've snapped Woolford up for some fresh releases.
"To be label mates with Joey Beltram and Ken Ishii is something that I don't take lightly, so I'm getting into that material at the moment," the DJ/producer smiled.
On a different tip, Woolford will be remixing the entire back catalogue of Murk Records after his wicked re-rub of 'Reach for Me' by the Funky Green Dogs last year.
"Oscar G and Ralph Falcon got in contact and asked me to mix every track from the catalogue," reveals Paul. "I was really surprised and flattered that they asked me. So that's what's happening next."
Last but not least, he's slated to mix the latest in the 'We Love...Space' CD series, alongside Alfredo.
It's shaping up to be quite a year for the DJ/producer.