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The Glasgow-based B.O.B winner delivers a cracking mix...

The Revenge needs no introduction. After a stellar 2015, that saw him release his album 'Love That Will Not Die' and pick up the hotly contested gong for best LP at our Best Of British Awards, The Revenge has whipped up an exclusive podcast for DJ Mag readers. 

Featuring his usual combination of filtered grooves, humming baselines and silky vocals, it's a glorious 60-minute trip through the realms of house and disco. Put it on, turn it up, the weekend is here! 

Hear the mix and read our quicker questions with The Revenge below. 

First dance music song you loved?
"KLF 'What Time Is Love'"

First club you went to?
"The Arches, Glasgow"

First label you loved?
"Mo Wax"

First piece of tech you bought?
"Waldorf Microwave XT"

First DJ you worshipped?
"Lenny Dee"

First track you produced?
"Violator 'Wrong Brother To Fuck With'"

First club you played in?
"Steelend Miners Club"

First wax you bought?
"The Snowman"

First band you saw?
"The Prodigy"

First person you went back-to-back with?
"My pals Tony and Dan in my bedroom"

First apartment you lived in?
"Crown Terrace, Glasgow"

First vinyl shop you loved?
"Carbon Music, Glasgow"

First car you owned?
"Ford Fiesta"

First London club you raved at?
"The End"

First album you played ten times over?
"Snoop Dogg 'Doggystyle'"

First time you went to Ibiza?
"1988 (Family holiday)"