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Available now on Android and iOS...

SoundCloud has updated its Android and iOS apps with a new music discovery feature the company has dubbed “Stations”.

Billed as a “new way to discover the tracks you’ve never heard anywhere else” it’s a smarter, more flexible version of SoundCloud’s previous Related Tracks but designed specifically for the company’s mobile apps.   

“It takes our previous “Related Tracks” feature and brings it further, simplifying the functionality and making the recommendations even better,” explained SoundCloud via their blog. 

Stations is essentially an endless stream of music which is selected from SoundCloud’s library of 100 millions tracks from a variety user inputs including Playlists, Likes and Genres — simply tap the three dots next to any track to get started.

Once you find a Station to your liking, you can access it any time in your Collection, along with your Likes and Playlists. 

SoundCloud has started 2016 on the front foot having announced a licensing deal with Universal Music Group, leaving just one major label, Sony Music, yet to sign on the dotted line.

Andrew Rafter is DJ Mag's Digital News Writer and Editor of Harder Blogger Faster, follow him here