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Keep in time with the beat with the new Launchpad App MIDI Sync

It’s all about the timing, making music with like minded people over iOS and MIDI can be tricky especially when it comes to keeping everything in time, however advances in technology means that nowadays this need not be a problem.

Novation have looked into this and now have come up with a handy solution for iOS users and their Launchpad app.

Over the last 2 years, Launchpad for iOS has provided millions of users with a self contained remixing suite, allowing immediate performances using a continually updated array of content, including a collaboration with Ninja Tune releasing groundbreaking tracks in the form of Launchpad Soundpacks.

Launchpad for iOS now opens the doors to sync with other music making tools, with the new MIDI Sync Output mode.

This new in-app purchase allows Launchpad to send MIDI Sync signals to other music apps, enabling users to use other popular music making tools whilst keeping everything in perfect time. It also allows users to connect external hardware, such as Novation Circuit to jam in sync, unlocking endless performance and music making possibilities.

Check it all out below: