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2am cutoff for serving alcohol will come into effect in July..

Queensland Government are set to pass legislation restricting the sale of alcohol and entry into nightclubs to certain hours.

Premiere Annastacia Palaszczuk announced today that enough votes have been secured to pass the laws after striking a deal with two Katter's Australian Party MPs, reports ABC

Under the bill, proposed by QLD's Labor government, a last drinks time of 2am, or 3am in designated entertainment zones, will be imposed across the state from July this year.

A 1 AM cutoff time for entry and re-entry for venues will come into effect from February 2017.

In a statement posted on Facebook, community organiser Our Nightlife Queensland wrote: "once again, small business has been sold out for big interests”.

They add: “while we all agree that drug use, violence and intoxication are a terrible mix, we stand by our position that this is punishing 99.99% of patrons because the Government cannot effectively target the 0.01% of dickheads, thugs, perpetrators terrorising our streets at night." 

The news comes as a large-scale protest over lockout laws in Sydney is being held this Sunday. 

[via - Resident Advisor]