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Thousands demonstrated in Sydney's city centre yesterday

An estimated 15,000 people came to show their support yesterday at the Keep Sydney Open Rally at Belmore Park in the heart of the Sydney’s CBD. Wheeling a coffin-shaped speaker and waving disco ball pickets they rallied against staff cuts, venue closures, a lack of personal freedom and the loss of opportunities for young musicians.

The peaceful protest was organised to speak out against the government’s decision to extend the Lockout Laws for another year. Since February 2014 when the laws were first implemented Sydney’s nightlife has taken a considerable battering. Well known live music events have closed down, several hundred jobs have been lost and the general atmosphere of the city’s streets has been fading.

Among those speaking at the protest was Austrian rock band Hoodoo Gurus frontman Dave Faulkner who said that Sydney’s entertainment areas could become like “so much dead coral on the barrier reef, dead forever”

(via Sydney Morning Herald)

You can see footage of the rally below: