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You are Gold!

Graham Gold's move to Thailand

TRANCE master Graham Gold is leaving blustery Brighton for the wave-lapped, sunnier climes of Thailand. Far from retiring, with many of his DJ dates booked in South East Asia, Gold has decided to move to the territory with the most DJ work, and will be based on the Thai island of Koh Phangan from now on.
"Seeing as most of my work is abroad, I've decided on a less stressful life in the sun, where I will do my Dive Master course, and continue to DJ. Already I have a lot of gig offers from that part of the world, and I was recently in India, which rocked, there is such an emerging scene there," Gold enthused.
His fortnightly podcast and radio show are ongoing - now syndicated to ten international radio stations - and his studio is to be flown out to Thailand. The DJ also remains committed to his Peach enterprise, and will continue to play UK gigs.
"I'll still be flying back here for various parties, including of course Peach, and I will continue to have a hand in working on DJ line-ups," said Gold.
We wish him all the best in his move to the sun!