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Plus we grab five with the Mobilee Records boss...

Anja Schneider has been involved in dance music in one form or another for a long time. Currently a world famous DJ/producer and label boss at Mobilee Records, the German star actually started her career not in a DJ booth but a radio booth as a producer for KissFM, and later as a radio presenter for Fritz Radio.

Her Fritz Radio persona saw Schneider cement her eclectic taste, personalty and presentation style and kick-started her transition from radio studio to DJ booth where she has built an impeccable reputation for championing forward-thinking music as both a DJ and label owner. 

Check out Anja's remix of Catz 'N Dogz's 'The Joy' — taken from the duo's new LP 'Basic Colour Theory Remixed' that's out via Pets Recordings on 11th March.

What was the first record you bought?
"Okay honestly the first serious one was Kraftwerk 'Computerwelt ' but I had a record before which was Boney M 'Nightflight to Venus’. So I can truly say that it got better with the times."

What was the last record you bought?
"David Bowie 'The Blackstar Album'."

What track do you wish you’d written?
"There are so many but honestly 'sing it back ' from Moloko."

What track makes you happiest?
"A very happy track of the moment for me is 'Mustang' from Nils Penner. An artist whom touches my happy soul the most in the past year."

What track makes you saddest?
"Still can cry over and over listening to Moderat 'Bad Kingdom' or, of course, some old Johnny Cash classics."

What’s your favourite club?
"There are so many and I have to say I never had a really bad experience. Of course, it always depense on you mood to sing and the times and the people you are with. There are so many great places all over the world as long the sound is good I can have fun everywhere."

What’s your favourite after party record?
"Ricardo Villalobos’ 'Dexter' a real timeless classic album, which reminds me of the best afterparties I had back in the days in Berlin."

What track has had the most influence on you?
"Everything from Underground Resistenace especially 'Electronic Warfare'."

Which of your own tracks are you most proud of?
"Honestly still like them all! No, seriously but lately quite a lot on 'Soul Traveler' because it was a long and intense and emotional process and for me one of the most important tracks."

Who do you owe a debt of gratitude to for becoming a successful DJ/producer?
"I would not doing what I’m doing if I would have not have seen Sven Väth DJing towards the end of the ’90s — he really took people to another dimension. I was massively impressed and touched."

What’s your current favourite record?
"Rodriguez Jr. 'Petropolis’ – the title track from his new EP on Mobilee out soon."

If your studio was on fire and you go back in to save one thing, what would it be and why?
"My co-producer Jan-Eric from Autotune."