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What's your favourite Spanish export?

With Ibiza and Sonar round the corner, we're celebrating all things Spanish. We asked
you lot to name your fave things from that corner of the world...


Age: 26
Work: Professional Rasper

Torres, because I buzz the fuck off him, and he's the best reason for supporting Liverpool.

Burning Issue Jens


Age: 23
Work: Croydon Goddess

My mate 2 Ls because he's a silver fox.

Burning Issue Josie


Age: 23
Work: Media Darling

The men because they're big, meaty and spicey.

Burning Issue Scarah


Age: 26
Work: Lawyer

Long flowing ponytails on the men, because they're so not hot.

Burning Issue Sadie


Age: 34
Work: DJ Agency Owner

The Senoritas, because they look fine!

Burning Issue Steve


Age: 35
Work: DJ Manager

Sangria, it's the best alcoholic drink in the sunshine.

Burning Issue Sacha


Age: 22
Work: Journalist

Barcelona football team, one of the most beautiful examples of the beautiful game.

Burning Issue Nat

Danny Howells

Age: 21 Again
Work: DJ

Enrique Iglesias, because his dick is smaller than mine!

Burning Issue Danny Howells