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Make sure your gear is secure with Master Lock

In this day and age DJs and Bands need to be savvy when it comes to looking after their equipment. Any little tinker could quite happily take a fancy to, and make of with your prized possessions. However there is a nifty little piece of tech that can make this virtual reality just a nightmare.

Master Lock’s Bluetooth Smart padlocks not only secure your flightcases/instruments/gear, but contain state of the art technology, controlled via your smartphone, that takes care of the locking and unlocking of your kit.

A remote access feature lets any member of your trusted inner circle unlock your gear for a time limited period so it’s all ready in time for setting up, rehearsals, and sound checks

A real time tamper alert notifies your smartphone if someone is messing with your kit – handy if you’ve left equipment backstage, in the studio, or in fact anywhere… giving you enough peace of mind to go and wander about instead of spending time backstage looking out for your stuff.

Controlled by a smartphone app, opening the lock is a single click away when you’re within Bluetooth range and if your phone dies or gets lost/stolen the locks can be opened manually using a master code gesture combination (using a directional key pad on the lock).

It's also perfect for clubs and venues that need to ensure that their equipment is safely locked up in storage areas etc.

Backed by 100 years of American heritage, including helping Harry Houdini perfect his act, plus military grade encryption and authentication, Master Lock’s Bluetooth Smart padlock could be that small bit of kit that saves you a lot of hassle.