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Purple tapes...

We  along with the entire music world  are still reeling from the untimely death of Prince two weeks ago.

As you might expected Prince’s music is now selling like hot cakes  and quite rightly too  and with that you can expect a whole slew of reissues and re-releases over the coming months.

Earlier this week is was announced that nine of Prince’s most prized albums will be returning to wax, and now there’s going to be a cassette campaign with four classic Prince albums getting the plastic treatment too.

The albums include 'Purple Rain', 'Prince', Dirty Mind' and 'Controversy' will all be coming to cassette on June 24th. So if you live in the 1980s and still have a working cassette player and fancy a bit of Prince on your tape deck you’re in luck.

Currently Prince's album that are returning to vinly are as follow: 'Around the World In A Day' (21st June), 'Parade' (19th July), 'Sign O The Times' (23rd Aug), 'The Black Album' (20th Sept), 'Batman' OST (18th Oct) and 'Lovesexy' (18th Oct), while 'Prince' and 'The New Power Generation’s Diamonds and Pearls', the 'Graffiti Bridge' and 'The Love Symbol' will reportedly follow on 22nd November and 13th December.