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Kevin Saunderson reveals he’s planning a reunion tour with Juan Atkins and Derrick May…

Kevin Saunderson of The Belleville Three, the Detroit techno trio he makes up with Juan Atkins and Derrick May, has revealed in a new interview that they are planning a tour in 2017.

The three foundational techno producers, who are known as The Belleville Three after all attending Belleville High School, haven’t performed together since Awakenings Festival in 2010.

In the interview with We Got This Covered, Saunderson said, “What I can say for the future is that we're working on a tour now, for all three of us as the Belleville Three. We're gonna try to kick it off next year, and it's gonna start out with DJing and evolve into a much bigger thing, too.”

We’ll bring you more details as they are announced. In the meantime you can watch a video of their Awakenings Festival performance below.