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The nine-tracker celebrates the one-year anniversary of ‘Morning/Evening’…

Four Tet has dropped a new album, entitled ‘Randoms’, which is made up of material only previously available through compilation releases, recorded between 1996 and 2013.

The nine-tracker is available as a pay-what-you-want download now via Four Tet’s BandCamp, and celebrates the one-year anniversary of the release of ‘Morning/Evening’.

The oldest track on ‘Randoms’ is ‘Field’, which is from a 1996 Leaf Records compilation, whilst the most recent recording is ‘Gillie Amma I Love You’, from 2013 charity release ‘BOATS’. The album also features ‘Castles Made Of Sand’, from a LateNightTales single, and ‘For These Times’, which landed on NonPlus’s ‘Think+Change’.

Speaking about the album on his BandCamp, Four Tet, real name Kieran Hebden, said, “Over the years there have been some pieces of music that I have made specially for compilation projects. As time passes I find the context it was originally put in often feels a bit random now. So I have put together this new album that brings together this music in a different way.”

You can listen to ‘Randoms’ below, and see the full tracklist underneath the stream.


1. ‘Moma’
2. ‘For These Times’ 
3. ‘Pockets (Minimal Version)’
4. ‘Gillie Amma I Love You’
5. ‘The Reservoir’
6. ‘Nothing To See’
7. ‘Field’
8. ‘Both When I Am Alone And When We Both Are’
9. ‘Castles Made Of Sand’