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Suggested Tracks is the centrepiece of the new Discover tab…

Soundcloud is doubling down on music discovery with the introduction of a new feature that promises to “connect listeners to new artists and artists to new listeners.”

The new system, which can been found on the new Discover tab, uses a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm to deliver new music based on your likes and plays on Soundcloud.

“SoundCloud is built for discovery; for the magic moment when you’re blown away by an artist you’ve never heard before,” explained service via its blog.

Desktop users will find the new feature on the Discover tab and mobile users will find it in the search field, easily accessible by tapping the magnifying glass in the footer (iOS) or header (android).

The Discover tab is just one of many changes that have happened to Soundcloud in recent months, in February the service introduced Stations (another music discovery system specifically for mobiles) that also promised to redefine music discovery on the music streaming platform, though how successful it's been is not known.