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Analogue obsessive returns to UK hauntology outlet...

Martin Jenkins, A.K.A. Pye Corner Audio, has announced his latest album 'Stasis' will arrive via Ghost Box this August.

Known for his love of analogue hardware, the prolific producer relies heavily on synthetic soundscapes, resulting in a style that sits in the blurry territory between ambient electronica and eclectic dance.

The 14-track 'Stasis' LP follows up Jenkins' 2012 Ghost Box album 'Sleep Games', and as such is accompanied by nostalgic artwork with relatively little other detail. However, a poster accompanying the release suggests Jenkins' interest in sleep continues, quoting Arthur C. Clarke and Ursula LeGuin, the latter of whom says: "Sleeping people are so remote… Right here, but out of communication. That's what strikes humans as uncanny about sleep. It's utter privacy. The sleeper turns his back on everyone."

Listen to clips from the album and check out the full tracklist below.


01. Approach 
02. Lost Ways 
03. Autonomization 
04. Sleep Chamber 
05. Ganzfeld Effect 
06. A Chance? 
07. Electric Eye 
08. At the Heart Of Stasis 
09. Transformative State 
10. Vorsicht 
11. Ways Regained 
12. Pulse Threshold 
13. Verberation Lab 
14. Mountain View