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Producer given second chance after homophobic rant...

In a controversial move, renowned party brand Circoloco has booked Ten Walls for its DC-10 party this coming Monday (4th July).

The Lithuanian producer - real name Marijus Adomaitis - was all but excommunicated from the music industry last year, being dropped by Coda Music Agency along with multiple major festivals, following a horrific homophobic outburst via his personal Facebook account. In the rant he referred to homosexuals as "another breed" and compared homosexuality to child abuse.

Ten Walls later apologised for the abhorrent comments via DJ Mag, understandably however, for many the damage had already been done and his words were widely considered to be insincere.

Although some fans have come out in support of Ten Walls being given a second chance, response to the Circoloco/DC-10 booking has been overwhelmingly negative from the public. Several DJs have also taken to Twitter to express their disapproval:

UPDATE: Circoloco have removed Ten Walls from the 4th July gig, releasing the following statement to accompany the cancellation: 

"Ten Walls will no longer be playing at Circoloco next Monday. Circoloco and DC10 Ibiza exist due to values of equality and freedom and we deeply regret any offense caused by this booking.”