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The club originally faced a huge backlash to their social media reaction to the Dallas shootings…

Detroit venue Populux has closed for a week, after its Twitter account was subject to a racist hack in the aftermath of the Dallas shootings. They originally faced a huge backlash when the tweets, which it has now been reported they have filed an FBI complaint over, were thought to be from the venue.

Many of the posts were offensive to the black community, using the hashtag #fuckblacklivesmatter, as well as retweeting congressman Joe Walsh’s incendiary comments, which blamed President Barack Obama and all liberals for the Dallas shootings.

Following the incident, Populux, who have been involved in Detroit Techno Week and Movement Festival, closed its doors, cancelling performances from Bixel Boys and Vic Mensa. They also shut down their Facebook and Twitter accounts, after tweeting that they “sincerely apologise” about the views expressed, and that they had been the victim of a hack.

Earlier this week Populux gave their complete support to the Black Lives Matter movement. The venue’s social media accounts remain closed, and no date has yet been announced as to when the venue will reopen.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s digital news writer. Follow him on Twitter here.