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Sasha Interview

The legendary DJ talks to Creamfields about the festival past, present and future

What do you think marks Creamfields out as different from all the rest as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary year?

"It's the crowd isn't it really, I love coming to Liverpool and I love playing to that crowd, they're such a brilliant bunch of people."

Especially with Creamfields moving closer to Manchester, with you having a huge Manchester connection..

"Definitely, Manchester is where things kinda started out for me, but I've had a very close relationship with Liverpool over the years as well, it being home to my football team, and also all of my family is from Liverpool, and back to the Cream days at Nation, it's always had a place in my heart, I have so many great friends up there."

Yeah, we have the Hacienda Arena at Creamfields this year, will you popping your head in to say hi to some old friends?

"Yeah, I'll definitely poke my head in there for sure."

Is it true that you actually bought a piece of the Hacienda when it closed down?

"Yeah I've got some various bits and bobs actually; I've got quite a bit of Hacienda memorabilia. I've got a light, and I've got a little piece of the dance floor as well. Tony Wilson actually gave that to me personally. I had missed the auction because I was in New York DJ'ing at Twilight but they saved some bits for me, I was very touched, because its such an important place to me."

With the diverse line up at this year's festival that would you recommend is a must to see?

"Chic will be amazing! The place will go off to Chic, I can't wait to see that, I hope they're not on at the same time as me."

After a decade of Creamfields, what are your memories of the festival?

"Just a lot of happy faces, the last one I was at a couple of years ago, I went into the VIP area backstage and saw a couple of mates of mine dancing in towels and not much else, it was a frightening thing actually."

As Creamfields has gone 2 days this year, do you have any advice for the campers?

"Wellies, wet wipes, ear plugs, all the usual festival items and sleep as far away from the porta cabins as possible!"

Finally, do you have a message for Creamfields for its 10th Anniversary?

"All I can say is bring on the 20th Anniversary."

Sasha will be performing at Creamfields, August Bank Holiday Weekend (23/24th August), Daresbury, Cheshire, Tickets on sale now: 0844 888 4401, Info: