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Organisers plan to return in 2017…

After the news last week that Russian dance music festival Outline Festival had been cancelled, the organisers have today released a statement to clarify the situation.

The statement challenges the Russian media's assertion that the festival organisers had failed to meet the requirements regarding permits and fire safety.

The organisers state that they did file the necessary paperwork to the authorities “well in advance” and that "all communication with city officials was properly scheduled and executed."

But despite this, the organisers were notified at 5pm on July 2nd that the festival could not take place leaving the organisers in an incredibly difficult position as a lot of the performers had made their way to Russia to perform.

Scheduled to play the festival at Moscow’s MoZAL plant were Ron Morelli, Matthew Jonson, JD Twitch and Ricardo Villalobos amongst many others.

Thanksfully, the organisers were able to arrange some last-minute shows to try and save the day which by all accounts went down well despite the festival being unceremoniously cancelled.

Here’s the full statement from the organisers and some eerie photos of an unused festival site.

"First of all we are deeply grateful to all artists and festival guests who have been affected by the situation, and who have supported us. We greatly appreciate the help of the international community and feel much stronger knowing that many people all over the world are rooting for us and our future.

"Outline 2016 was the biggest event that our team had ever produced, therefore we were focused with maximum attention to detail on every aspect of the workflow. This includes the paperwork for the festival, which was filed well in advance. All communication with city officials was properly scheduled and executed. More specifically, we would like to address the copy of the document that was leaked the day after the cancellation. This single document belongs to a series of documents which were exchanged with city officials.

"The safety of Outline Festival's audience, artists, and crew was never compromised in any way. In fact, all recommendations we received from the Ministry Of Emergency Situations during the preliminary inspection were reviewed and carefully implemented. On Saturday, July 2nd, at 5 PM, we received the notice from the Prefecture Of Moscow informing us that Outline 2016 would not be allowed to take place. After formally announcing the cancellation to the public, the team completely focused on the artists who had already arrived in Moscow.

"We managed to arranged several shows, biggest of them with a great deal of support from Moscow's Department of Culture in the popular public park Museon and hopefully showed the true spirit of Outline Festival to the general public. As it was announced earlier, Outline Festival will return all funds from ticket sales to its customers. The process has already started and is under control by our team. The latest update to this statement is good news. At the moment we are in a frank and constructive dialogue with a Prefecture of Moscow regarding Outline 2017."