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AT&T certainly thinks so...

Drone technology could be the answer to your low mobile signal woes at festivals in the future according to mobile carrier AT&T.

Everyone who has ever been to a festival knows that getting good mobile reception is nigh on impossible when there's thousands of people all trying to call, text or update their Facebook statuses at the same time.

AT&T have suggested that in the future the company could deploy an army of tethered drones to provide extra bandwidth and coverage in areas of high usage like festivals.

In a blog post on the company’s website, AT&T explained that in the future they could deploy the flying COWs (Cell On Wings) to help alleviate the high demand from festival goers, and even suggested that the technology could be used in “rapid disaster response” situations like floods and earthquakes.

“Imagine you’re at a concert watching your favorite band, and out of the corner of your eye you notice a tethered drone hovering nearby,” says AT&T.

“But this drone isn’t taking photos or videos of the band. It’s temporarily providing enhanced LTE wireless coverage at the packed venue so you, along with thousands of others in attendance, can simultaneously send photos and videos to share the moment.”

AT&T did say however that the technology is still a way off and they are currently only trialing the tech to inspect mobile phone towers to see whether it’s a viable solution for festivals in the future.