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D&B pioneer tells Facebook fans his time in the music industry is over...

DJ Fresh announced yesterday that from January 2017 he will call time on touring, implying in a Facebook post he's quitting the music industry for good.

Daniel Stein (his real name) is famous for songs such as 2010 'Golddust' and collaborating with Diplo on 'Earthquake', and it seems he's decided to put his health first. The Sussex producer has suffered for a second time with thyroid cancer this year, admitting on Facebook: 'It's time to begin the next chapter of my life... And it's way overdue. Need to think about my health and life'.

The Facebook post also highly criticised the music industry, where Stein admits 'I cannot continue to be part of this industry... I hate everything about it. It's fake, soul destroying and promotes everything BUT experimentation and heartfelt emotion (which is what music means to me)". Stein has been in the drum and bass scene for over 20 years, recently going solo from dnb group Bad Company.  

Stein hasn't suggested that he will stop making music completely and also urged his fans to 'come out to one of the gigs between now and then', where he is set to play at Amnesia, Ibiza and Liverpool's Fusion Festival at the beginning of September. 

Only last week, disco DJ Ben Pearce also announced that he was cancelling his remaining shows due to battling with mental health issues. Pearce admitted that it was his only option to recovery after battling with depression over many years. 

DJ Fresh finished his post with a reminder that his decision was not due to his record label. He wrote... 'I just want to add that this is in no way related to my record label/labels who have all been fantastic (there are some good ones out there!)... Maybe one day I'll write a book, and explain it then.' 

Read his full statement below...

Words: Izzie Hargreaves