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Even more exclusive than the real deal...

There's been countless guides and even a video game, yet rejection from Berlin's Berghain nightclub is still inevitable for many. Even that infamous venue isn't quite as impossible to enter as its new miniature clone 'Berghenk' though.

Conceived by the genius team at Beyond Festival in Holland, the replica club — complete with matching front, cue and even a not-insubstantial dance tent — was set up purely to deny punters entry.

Part comment on the scene's weird obsession with Berghain's door policy, part hilarious (if slightly sick) joke, Berghenk refused everybody that cued (even selling tickets if people were willing), all the while blasting techno from its unreachable dancefloor.

The festival even published the following instructions for the experience:

1. Stand in line
2. Get rejected
3. Go back to stand in line
4. Get refused
5. Go back to stand in line
6. Get refused
7. Go back to stand in line
8. Get refused
9. Go back to stand in line

Sounds like Berghenk was so exclusive even ol' Sven would have been left out in the cold...