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Pioneer DJ's USB Multiplayer XDJ-1000 MK2 has loads more new features.

Pioneer DJ has upgraded their popular USB-only multiplayers to create the XDJ–1000MK2. The upgraded XDJ–1000 now comes with more features inherited from the CDJ–2000NXS2 including its 7-inch full-colour high-resolution touch screen, enhanced track browsing functionality and support for playing high-quality FLAC and ALAC files as well as the Track Filter and the new Matching feature.

The XDJ–1000MK2 also retains key features from before, including the Qwerty touch-screen keyboard for keyword searches, and the large rotary dial for scrolling. Plus, DJs can colour-code their USB devices and the illuminated USB port will reflect that colour, so you instantly know what’s on each device.

To add even more creativity and variety to your performances, DJs can connect the DDJ-SP1 controller (sold separately) and use its large Performance Pads for tactile control of many of the new or improved features on the XDJ–1000MK2, including its eight Hot Cues.