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Celebrating a double decade of dancefloor innovation in 2016, the notorious DJ Mag Tech Awards are back!

DJ Mag is celebrating 20 years of its prodigious Tech Awards. From humble beginnings, we have been at the forefront of the technological revolution, and have charted the rise of technology in dance music culture. This year we are really seeing a shake up as to how DJs and producers are using the technology at hand to go about their day-to-day working lives. Hardware is making a comeback as ever more manufacturers revisit their products from yesteryear and bring them up to date with today's technology. This merger of new-meets-old is driving a whole new attitude when it comes to creativity within music technology.

Looking at this year’s shortlisted nominations we could actually be taking a look at the list from 20 years ago! Turntables have made a surprise-but-welcomed return to the fray, as well as a wealth of other “classic” hardware equipment. Who would have thought all those years back — when the digital revolution was smashing a hole in traditional DJ and production arenas — that we would be revolving full circle and embracing days gone by with technology?

Within the pages of DJ Mag Tech we have always followed these developments, reviewing and highlighting the changes that we see month by month. The Tech section of the magazine is in rude health as manufacturers continue to move forward and develop new and amazing ways for the electronic community to explore creativity, and our Tech Awards are the culmination of this — a chance to reward this innovation, and we have been doing so since 1996.

One thing that has always been a constant is the wealth of innovations from not only the major players, but the small independent manufacturers as well, helping to shape and define the way DJs, producers, musicians and artists approach their musical endeavours.

DJ Mag’s Tech awards is a celebration of the kit and equipment that makes this all possible. Applauding the inventiveness of everyone who is involved in pushing the electronic dance music scene further; the backroom heroes that make the jobs of the DJs, producers and artists far easier than ever before, ensuring that the creative process isn’t hindered by unhelpful technical strife that halts creativeness and ultimately the delivery of their art. 

As it’s our 20th Anniversary of the DJ Mag Tech Awards, we thought it would be good to do something a little different. In the spirit of looking to the past to move forward, in the future we will be contesting and Live Streaming the first six categories of the awards at this years BPM | Pro DJ Technology Convention (September 11th – 13th). The awards will be judged by a fine selection of DJs and producers, our DJ Mag Tech Award Judges, with the winners announced on the day.

The remaining nine categories will be up for a public vote, as per previous years. Once again, you will be the ultimate judges who decide the winners of this hotly-contested and debated contest — head to our Facebook page to cast your votes. Voting closes at the end of September and results will be announced in November’s issue of the magazine.