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“More needs to be done”

Sadiq Khan responded to the #savefabric petition earlier this week, urging all parties involved to “find a common sense solution that ensures the club remains open while protecting the safety of those who want to enjoy London’s clubbing scene.”

Now, resident fabric DJ and promoter who set up the campaign, Jacob Husley, has replied, thanking the Mayor of London but also saying “more needs to be done”.

Commenting on Khan’s response, he said, “I’m disappointed that you chose to link to the Islington Gazette article which referred to dubious and unsubstantiated claims against fabric. It undermines not only the very important issue at hand but also your own supposedly good intentions.

“The report is full of potentially damaging, unfounded claims, especially about the integrity of fabric’s search and security team. fabric’s door searches are renowned for their thoroughness to the point that they are criticised for being invasive.

“Also, presenting an observation by a single witness that 80% of club goers were under the influence of drugs as fact is not something that I think the Mayor’s office should endorse as credible.”

The petition passed 100,000 signatures earlier today, with the final decision on whether the club will be able to re-open – and if so, what conditions will apply – will take place on the 6th September.

Yesterday (31st August), fabric made a statement which said the venue wants to “lead the industry” and create a new gold standard in approaches to drugs and security, whilst calling on the police and licensing authorities to support their efforts.

You can sign the #savefabric here, and once you have, don't forget to spread the word on social media!

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.