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Ready for the after party? WE ARE! 

In our Apple Music playlist series, some of our favourite DJs guide us through a selection of their ultimate afterparty tunes. This week's selector is ANNA! 

Ahead of her upcoming EP on Tiga's Turbo Recordings we thought we'd ask ANNA to carefully select her favourite after party tracks.

Here is what ANNA had to say about the selection - "These are some of the tracks that I really love for an after party, all independent in their own style. I think they're all great to be played in any kind of environment, but especially outside of a club. An after party for me; it's essential to have a lot of friends around, I also love open air after parties, I don’t like to be stuck in a dark room. The music needs to have subtle grooves, a smooth vibe, it is not the time for peak time stuff, it is time to enjoy a different kind of trip”

Check out ANNA's selection and listen to the preview of her upcoming EP below.