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Artists understandably angry...

As if SoundCloud's stability wasn't shakey enough already, the streaming platform has now angered a number of artists following an accidental leak of private tracks.

For around five hours on 6th September, an undetermined number of users had their private tracks made public. Others were then able to share the links and in some cases even download or rip the unfinished or unreleased material.

In a statement released by SoundCloud, the leak was apparently due to a "coding error" and has now reset the links to any private tracks affected.

Understandably a lot of musicians are now royally ticked off, and to make things worse, nobody is quite sure how many profiles were involved.

Several artists have taken to social media to express their annoyance, with UK producer saying on Instagram: "I've deleted all my private tracks and I suggest anyone who uses soundcloud does the same as a matter of urgency, unless you want everything you've been working on leaked by these f**king amateurs."

Read the full SoundCloud statement below.