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The city’s outdoor party spot Kiekebusch has been shut down…

Kiekebusch, the much loved outdoor party space near Berlin’s Schöneberg neighbourhood, is no longer able to throw open-air parties.

Bert Grief, who runs the space, recently received a letter from local authorities stating that he can’t host any more parties there in 2016, according to The issue is said to stem from a number of noise complaints from residents in the area.

A planned event for September has had to be cancelled, with Kiekebusch previously hosting parties by Hardwax, Artlake and a number of other underground promoters.

As with the closure of fabric in London earlier this month (September), the stopping of parties at the outdoor party space sets a worrying precedent for the future of open-air events in Berlin.

Kiekebusch had been hosting parties since 2010.

(Picture: The Club Map)

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.